How To Remove  URL Injections   

From Your Website 

Malicious URL injections attacks on websites has skyrocketed these days. It create havoc to small businesses to giant corporate properties alike. 

I understand the stress and helplessness ones feels when your hard earned google ranking suddenly falls down for no fault of yours. It seems impossible to get rid off those thousands of malicious URL now that its indexed by google search engine bots and your website visitor start loosing trust on your website. Worse, when visitor start reporting malicious activities to google.

But trust me this is not the end and we can get our site cleaned up and get google to remove those injected URLS through Google Search Engine’s Removals Tools.

I wanted to focus my this blog on removing the malicious URL from from your website.  I don’t think there is any point on elaborating on what causes it and how hacker got into your websites at this point as its already here now. What we need is plan to get rid of those URL injections out of our website database and from the google search.

As there are many good blog on those topic already on the internet.  

First things first, Lets do a quick check on google the numbers of  URL injections. You can get this by entering 

url injection screenshot

I wanted to share this real property with some 18.8k URLs injection ( pic ).  Google search console has this tool “Removal” to remove temporary and  outdated pages from your site. 

You can manually request all the URLs if you have some hundreds. But usually URLs injected spam comes in thousands of spammy URLs. Its not practically possible to do all the removal request one by one. It gonna take forever to submit your request. 

This is where we can help you get rid off thousands of spammy URLs off  your website. 

Reach us to discuss the process and charges.